Call for Abstracts & Electronic e-Posters

Share your ideas, education program, special project, original research, or new perspective. 

  • Sign up to become an electronic e-Poster by clicking on the "sign up" button below, no later than DEC 31
  • Then upload your pre-recorded video or slideshow to NWRD here no later than FEB 1

T I P S  for  C R E A T I N G

your  D I G I T A L  

e - P O S T E R  P O W E R P O I N T

Digital e-POSTERS are a great way of networking, sharing your work, exchanging ideas with colleagues, and supporting CPEUs!  


With NWRD's 'virtual only' format, posters are submitted as an online / digital version. Great ideas are shared - resources are spared!


Prepare a digital display, rather than a table display. Some ideas include a PowerPoint (PPT) loop slideshow or a short, pre-recorded video (1-to-5 minutes). These are just two suggestions; the digital world is unlimited. We are excited to see what you will come up with! 


At the Virtual Conference, you will have a dedicated booth in the virtual Expo Hall to showcase your work. You'll have access to the chat and/or live video chat features, plus be able to share handouts and web-links. Connect with attendees who visit your booth during breaks and at the Virtual Happy Hour Exhibit on Thursday evening (see Virtual Tips sheet below).


Your e-Poster, video, slideshow, handouts, links, and contact information will be available for registrants to view on-demand for 90 days post-conference. 


S U B M I T  Y O U R  

A B S T R A C T  & 

e - P OS T E R



Submit your Abstract by:

DEC 31


Upload your final pre-recorded

e-Poster video or slideshow by:


S T E P S  to  P A R T I C I P A T E


Submit your abstract between JUN 1 - DEC 31. This gives NWRD time to reserve a time slot in the Program for your e-poster and request CPEUs for your work. 

S U B M I T   your   A B S T R A C T

  1. Think of a new education program you launched, a special project you led, original research in which you contributed, or a new perspective about your practice -- then jot down the details in the form of a brief abstract or summary. Include the following:

    • ​Project Title and Contributing Authors

    • Background - what inspired you?

    • Description - how did you do it?

    • Outcomes - how did it turn out?

    • References, if applicable

  2. Hit the button "Click to Submit Your Abstract!"  to complete the online form and upload your abstract.

P R E P A R E   your   e - P O S T E R

  1. Go ahead and start working on your e-Poster and other digital work about your project. e-Posters may include a 1-to-5-minute video or mini PowerPoint (PPT) loop slideshow, other digital work, web links, downloadable handouts, and more!

  2. At the virtual conference, you will have a dedicated virtual booth in the Virtual Expo area. You'll be able to engage with attendees who visit your virtual booth via chat box, live video streaming, web links, PPTs, downloadable materials, email, and more. Attendees can visit the Expo Booths during breaks, in-between live presentations - and during the Virtual Happy Hour Exhibit on Thursday evening.

  3. After the conference, your e-Poster video, slideshow, handouts, links, and representative contact information will be posted on the NWRD website for registrants to view on-demand for 90 days post-conference. 

  4. Your final pre-recorded video link or PPT slideshow is due to NWRD by FEBRUARY 1st so that we have time to work it into your virtual booth. Upload it to us via "Speaker Spot" portal here

THANK YOU for participating!​

Questions about Abstracts & Poster Presentations?  Email us!