Portland, Oregon


2019 NWRD is in Portland -- Stay! Get to know the area
Fill your head with knowledge at the Conference, then extend your stay to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

P O R T L A N D 'S  S P O T S





O R E G O N   C O A S T


Secluded beaches, glowing sunsets, beach combing, whale watching, tide pooling, and hiking are a few of the special experiences you can have when you visit the Oregon coast. 

M O U N T   H O O D


The second most climbed mountain in the world, Mt. Hood is crowned by eleven glaciers and is home to the only year-round ski resort in North America.  The historic Timberline Lodge at the base of the ski area is a great place sit in front of the fire and marvel at the beauty.  

C O L U M B I A   R I V E R   G O R G E


From towering old-growth forests to the gushing Multnomah, Bridal Veil and Latourell falls, the Columbia River Gorge offers endless opportunities for exploring.  Walking and hiking trails, on and off road biking and world-class wind surfing in the Columbia River are easily accessible. Note: some trails may be closed for trail maintenance due to damage from 2018 Eagle Creek fire.

F O R E S T  P A R K

Forest Park Conservancy

Portland's Forest Park, one of the largest urban forests in the United States, offers an unparalleled opportunity for visitors to experience a true Northwest forest without leaving the Portland city limits.


T O M   M c C A L L   W A T E R F R O N T  P A R K


A lush stretch of green along the Willamette River, this downtown park is pet and family friendly and is very close to the MAX. 

V E R A   K A T Z   E A S T B A N K   E S P L A N A D E


The Esplanade is a pedestrian and bicycle path along the east shore of the Willamette River extending 1.5 miles between the Steel Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge.  

B I K E   R E N T A L S


Named the "Best Cycling City in the USA" by the League of American Bicyclists, Portland uses clear signage and user-friendly bikeways to make it easy for pedal-powered travel. Check out BIKETOWN, Portland's bike share program that was launched in 2016. With 1,000 bikes at over 100 stations in downtown and neighborhood areas, the system is designed with convenience in mind, as well as being a fun and affordable way to get around.

G R E A T  C O F F E E   &  F A N T A S T I C   F O O D


Portland is one of the best food destinations in the country.  From gourmet food cart fare to acclaimed restaurant fine dining and craft beer and stellar coffees, Portland has it all.  You will find all-day breakfasts, espresso bars, vegan restaurants and everything in between in our downtown venues, neighborhood eateries, and food cart pods.  


W I N E   C O U N T R Y


A short drive from Portland, the Willamette Valley wows with more than 250 wineries, quaint towns, and lush rolling farmland ripe for touring. 


G E T T I N G  around  P O R T L A N D 



It's easy getting around Portland by public transportation!

Check our  T R A V E L  P A G E  for details!