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  • Sign up to become a digital e-Exhibitor by clicking on the "sign up" button below:  DEADLINE - DEC 31
  • Then upload your pre-recorded video or slideshow to NWRD here by: DEADLINE - FEB 1

B E C O M E  a  D I G I T A L   e - E X H I B I T O R

Build new customer relationships

Strengthen your brand

Grow your business

e - E X H I B I T O R

S I G N - U P

  1. Click "sign-up" button below

  2. Complete online sign-up form, indicate how your company will participate, and upload your company logo

  3. Pay e-Exhibitor participation fee   


Sign-up & remittance fee by:

DEC 31


Upload your final pre-recorded

e-Exhibit video or slideshow by:


Graphic Chart

T I P S  for  C R E A T I N G

D I G I T A L   e - E X H I B I T

(see below for details*) 


Digital e-EXHIBITS are a great way of networking, sharing your work, exchanging ideas with colleagues, and supporting CPEUs!  


This year NWRD is 'virtual only' format. Turn your Exhibit into an online / digital version and share!


Instead of preparing a table display, create a 1-to-5-minute pre-recorded video or PowerPoint (PPT) loop slideshow or other digital work - be creative with your message! 


At the Virtual Conference, you will have a dedicated virtual booth in the Virtual Expo area. Engage with attendees who visit your booth during breaks via chat and/or video chat. Present your pre-recorded video, slideshow, digital work, web links, and handouts at the Virtual Happy Hour Exhibit on Thursday evening. Share your work during the program, in-between live speaker presentations.


After the conference, your video, slideshow, handouts, links, and contact information will be posted on the NWRD website for attendees to view on-demand for 90 days post-conference. 

*B E C O M E  a  D I G I T A L   e - E X H I B I T O R

Build new customer relationships, strengthen your brand, and grow your business!

Northwest Renal Dietitians (NWRD) would like to invite your company to participate in the NWRD Annual Conference. Exhibitors enhance the NWRD program and expand knowledge of renal dietitians by sharing new products and clinical data.


With in-person conference years, Exhibitors can usually plan on reaching approximately100 renal dietitians from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and British Columbia. This year due to COVID-19, NWRD will be presented via webinar format only. This means attendance will likely be even greater! With 30 million Americans having chronic kidney disease, and nutrition therapy as a mainstay of their treatment, you can connect to an important part of the health care team who are able to influence medical care, as well as individual behavior.​

*G E N E R A L  D E T A I L S




  • After signing up and submitting payment, go ahead and start working on your e-Exhibit. e-Exhibits may include a 1-to-5-minute video or mini PowerPoint (PPT) loop slideshow, other digital work, web links, downloadable handouts, and more!

  • At the virtual conference, you will have a dedicated virtual booth in the Virtual Expo area. You'll be able to engage with attendees who visit your virtual booth via chat box, live video streaming (this feature is included in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum participation levels), web links, PPTs, downloadable materials, email, and more.

  • Attendees will be able to visit the Expo Booths during breaks, in-between live presentations - and at Thursday evening's Virtual Happy Hour Exhibit!

  • After the conference, your e-Exhibitor video, slideshow, handouts, links, and representative contact information will be posted on the NWRD website for registrants to view on-demand for 90 days post-conference. 

  • Your final pre-recorded video or slideshow is due to NWRD by FEBRUARY 1st so that we have time to work it into your Expo booth. It's best to share your video with NWRD with a URL via YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Upload your materials to us via "Speaker Spot" portal here

  • Your company's logo and URL will be included in NWRD’s media and program materials. Your company representative's contact information will be provided to all attendees at your booth, so that they may reach you after the conference 



---Please submit payment to NWRD by DECEMBER 31 - we will include the W-9 form with your sign-up

---NWRD will share with you tips on navigating the virtual platform

---Upload to NWRD the URL to your pre-recorded videos, PPT slideshows, web links, downloadable materials, and other digital materials that you wish to share with attendees by FEBRUARY 1

  • NWRD is open to Exhibitors whose products, programs, & services are:

    • of interest to renal nutrition professionals

    • consistent with NWRD’s vision and philosophy

    • conveying current and scientifically valid information

    • complying with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations (if applicable)

  • NWRD does not endorse any programs, products or services. Attendees use their professional judgment to evaluate Exhibitor's products, programs or services. 

  • Exhibitors may attend conference sessions; but if applying for CPEUs, then each representative must pay additionally for a one-day or two-day conference registration fee (whichever is applicable).

  • Refunds are not available

EXPO Challenge:

The virtual platform has an EXPO Challenge feature, which  enhances attendees' experience during the virtual event. Attendees will be awarded points for interacting with Exhibitors and Poster Presenters. The top three attendees with the most points at the end will receive a prize!



Attendees will be enrolled in the EXPO Challenge automatically, and winners must earn a minimum of 50 points. The interactive point system is shown below. The Challenge begins on Thursday at 7am and ends on Friday at 3pm. Watch the leaderboard in the Lobby to see who is winning along the way. Winners will be announced at the end of the conference.

Visit = 5 points

  • Gain 5 points by entering an Exhibitor Booth

  • must stay for at least 60 seconds for points to apply

Re-visit = 1 point per each additional visit

  • Gain 1 point by re-entering an Exhibitor Booth 

Click Link = 5 points 

  • Gain 5 points when you click on a link inside a booth

Download = 5 points per download

  • Gain 5 points per download of booth's documents

Watch Video = 10 points

  • Gain 10 points by watching a video inside the booth

  • must watch for at least 30 seconds for points to apply

Chat = 20 points

  • Send a message in the exhibitor's booth chat, or a direct message to one of the booth's staff members

  • Will only be triggered once per exhibitor booth

Request a Meeting = 20 points

  • Request a meeting with the Rep for 20 more points

  • Will only be triggered once per exhibitor booth

Questions about Becoming a Sponsor/Exhibitor?  Email us!


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