The Virtual Experience

NWRD Virtual Platform is powered by Accelevents

Registrants will be able to enter the Virtual Hub ~ONE WEEK prior to the live event. 

We thought you might want an earlier preview of how the virtual platform works.

5 Virtual Rooms:

Click to view a short video of the platform

TIPS for your BEST




Do the following system checks one week before the live event 

-- with the computer -- and the internet service -- you'll be using during the virtual conference.


  • For stability and security, Google CHROME is the preferred web browser for this virtual platform. You can download the latest version ahead of time: 

  • An exception may be when using an iPad or an iPhone, then Safari or Firefox might work.

  • Accelevents does not support Internet Explorer.

  • Don't use VPN  or 'work remote access' when connecting to Accelevents platform, as it won't work properly. Strong firewalls may also pose problems.



  • Be sure your internet has adequate bandwidth for best video streaming and downloading. An internet speed of 25-30 Mbps should be sufficient for you (or, between 50 and 100 Mbps if you are broadcasting from home with others using the same internet source). 

  • You can check with your internet provider for a speed test or use the following link: Xfinity.Speed.Test >>



  • Use your registration email address to log-on. Enter your password from last year or create a new one.

  • Once you are in: 

    • set up your profile, including a headshot photo, short bio and contact information,

    • download / print speaker handouts, 

    • download / print program agenda & speaker biographies,

    • browse library lounges.



  • Use Accelevents' System Checker to confirm to the following. You can do this once you get inside the Virtual Hub by clicking on “Tips & System Checker” on the left lower corner of the menu bar, or by clicking here:

    • the System Checker ensures that JavaScript is enabled, 

    • browser is compatible (Chrome is preferred), 

    • pop-up blockers are off (your bowser must allow pop-ups and redirects),

    • and allows Accelevents to use your computer's camera and microphone.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 10.05.08
Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 10.05.22


  • Bring your interactive self and plan on e-networking with other attendees!

  • Engage in live polling, live Q+A, videos, downloads, and web links with the Speakers, Exhibitors, and Poster presenters.

  • Keep your questions concise - If your questions aren't covered in the allotted time, they will be forwarded to the presenter for a post-conference response.

  • Visit the EXPO Booths to interact with exhibitors and poster presenters at breaks between the speaker presentations. Please talk to the exhibitors via live streaming, as they are here to interact with YOU!

  • You’ll automatically be enrolled in the platform's “EXPO Challenge” -- the more you engage inside the EXPO booths, the more points you earn, for a grand prize at the end of the conference (see EXPO Challenge Rules).

  • Professional Tech Support will be on deck. Visit the NWRD Help Desk booth inside the EXPO Hall if assistance is needed during the event.



  • Use the password given at the end of the conference to login to NWRD website to complete the evaluation form -

  • Complete the online evaluation, then after clicking the submit button, you'll be automatically directed to the CPEU certificate page, where you can download / print the certificates you've earned.

  • Based on the conference day/s you purchased, the registration fee includes a 30-day, on-demand, post-conference set of speaker presentation recordings.

EXPO Challenge:

The virtual platform has an EXPO Challenge feature, which  enhances attendees' experience during the virtual event. Attendees will be awarded points for interacting with Exhibitors and Poster Presenters. The attendee with the most points will receive a prize.



Attendees will be enrolled in the EXPO Challenge automatically, and winners must earn a minimum of 50 points. The interactive point system is shown below. The Challenge begins on Thursday at 7am and ends on Friday at 3pm. Watch the leaderboard in the Lobby to see who is winning along the way. Winners will be announced at the end of the conference.

  • Visit = 5 points

    • Gain 5 points by entering an Exhibitor Booth

    • Must stay for at least 60 seconds for points to apply

  • Re-visit = 1 point per each additional visit

    • Gain 1 point by re-entering an Exhibitor Booth 

  • Click Link = 5 points 

    • Gain 5 points when you click on a link inside a booth

  • Download = 5 points per download

    • Gain 5 points per download of booth's documents

  • Watch Video = 10 points

    • Gain 10 points by watching a video inside the booth

    • Must watch for at least 30 seconds for points to apply

  • Chat = 20 points

    • Send a message in the exhibitor's booth chat or a direct message to one of the booth's staff members

    • Will only be triggered once per exhibitor booth

  • Request a Meeting = 20 points

    • Request a meeting with the Rep for 20 more points

    • Will only be triggered once per exhibitor booth

Get the most from your NWRD Annual Conference Virtual Event