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About Us


T H E  P L A N N I N G  

C O M M I T T E E  


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Follows the NWRD Conference Guidelines & Timeline

  • Submits a conference budget, based on anticipated attendees, to the Board for approval

  • Adheres to conference budget, and if necessary, seeks amendments to the budget from the Board

  • Secures a venue, following approval of the Board

  • Creates a program agenda within the confines of the proposed budget

  • Invites speakers & establishes speaker agreements

  • Invites authors to present Abstract & Poster sessions

  • Invites Exhibitors & Sponsors to participate

  • Notifies scholarship awardees by email, following the Board's approval of awards

  • Provides timely content updates to webmaster for NWRD website and Twitter account (NWRD webmaster is part of each year's Planning Committee)

  • Uses official NWRD gmail, logo, and templates for all correspondences, as part of NWRD's brand

  • Promotes the conference via NWRD email, website, and Twitter accounts for: “Save-the-Date,”  Conference Registration opening and deadline reminders, and other important details outlined in NWRD Guidelines & Timeline








T H E  B O A R D



Roles & Responsibilities

  • Oversees the direction and operations of NWRD

  • Maintains annual operating costs of NWRD

  • Conducts in-person annual Board Meeting during NWRD Annual Conference, and other teleconference Board Meetings as needed throughout the year.

  • Elects and maintains the Board of Directors positions

  • Elects Committee Chairpersons, including Conference Chair and other ad hoc positions as desired

  • Follows the NWRD Bylaws 

  • Approves the Planning Committee’s budget for each Annual Conference

  • Awards scholarships fairly, and as funds allow

  • Updates member contact list

  • Maintains online conference registration

  • Ensures that all Templates are updated and uploaded (webmaster)

  • Ensures that all documents are saved from each year's Planning Committee  (webmaster)

  • Utilizes NWRD's simplified version of Robert's Rules of Order to conduct Board meetings. 






H O W  N W R D  


NWRD is run by a Board that consists of 5-to-7 directors, plus committee chairpersons as needed.


The Board, not the general membership, elects Directors who serve either a one-year or a two-year term, allowing a staggered approach to experience and service. The Board appoints chairpersons for committees such as Conference Chairperson, Secretary, Webmaster, or others. 

Each year, a Planning Committee is comprised of volunteers to work on details for the Conference. Volunteers do not need to live in the hosting city, as video-teleconferencing is used for planning meetings, and much of the planning can be done by people who live near or far.

Currently, there are no dues for "membership" -- simply sign-up through the website to be a 'member' and receive email updates about the Annual Conference.

A R T I C L E S  of

I N C O R P O R A T I O N  

&   B Y L A W S

  • Articles of Incorporation, effective June 13, 2016, via State of Washington

  • The bylaws are effective June 13, 2016, same date as the non-profit Corporation was officially formed.

  • These bylaws supersede any guidelines from previous NWRD Steering Committee meetings.

Click to download: 

  1. Certificate of Incorporation

  2. Articles of Incorporation

  3. NWRD's Bylaws

  4. NWRD's simplified Robert's Rules of Order

A B O U T  N W R D



Northwest Renal Dietitians (NWRD) is a non-profit organization comprised mostly of renal dietitians practicing in Network 16 (OR, WA, ID, MT, and AK) and western Canada.


NWRD has been organizing workshops for renal dietitians since 1980. A bit of history:

  • NWRD started in the 1980s as a "Task Force" workshop meeting of renal dietitians in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).


  • The Task Force stemmed from the Network's Nutrition Audit in the early 1980s, entrusting renal dietitians to devise standardized guidelines of care. Renal dietitians from Washington State Council on Renal Nutrition (WSCRN), Oregon State Council on Renal Nutrition (OCRN),  Alaska, Idaho, and Montana collectively took on the project of developing science-based nutrition guidelines for renal patients.


  • Over the decades, the collaborative workshops grew into annual two-day conferences. It was the hard work of these same groups ~ WSCRN, OCRN, and Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians (CAND) ~ who kept NWRD growing, as they rotated hosting cities between them, sharing top notch speakers from each region.

  • In 2016, NWRD officially became a non-profit organization, operating by its own Board of Directors and Planning Team.  Shortly thereafter, WSCRN and OCRN merged to form what is now the Pacific Northwest Council on Renal Nutrition (PNW-CRN).

  • Today, NWRD is a stand-alone, annual two-day conference, still hosting from various regions in the PNW. The conference expanded its reach beyond the PNW, with the COVID-19 pandemic pivoting to include a virtual format. 

JUNE 13, 2016

NWRD was officially converted to a stand-alone nonprofit corporation in the state of Washington  

Current NWRD Board -

Planning Committee

*voting board members


Laura Wiseley (WA)


Lara Sokoloff (WA)

At-large Director*

Erin Dickerson (WA)

Vice President*

Geri Jennings (WA)


Fiona Wolf (WA)

At-large Director


Program Co-Chairs

Nally Hernandez (OR)

Becky McCarver (OR)


Melissa Prest (WA)

Networking Event

Jamie Hunter

Past Letters from NWRD President


2024 NWRD President - Laura Wiseley, MS RD CSR


2023 NWRD President - Laura Wiseley, MS RD CSR


2022 NWRD President - Laura Wiseley, MS RD CSR


2021 NWRD President - Katy Wilkens, MS RD


2020 NWRD President - Katy Wilkens, MS RD


2019 NWRD President - Katy Wilkens, MS RD


2018 NWRD President - Katy Wilkens, MS RD


2017 NWRD President - Katy Wilkens, MS RD

Pres Letters
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