Post-Conference Evaluation & Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs)
Please complete the online Evaluation Form, then download your earned CPEU Certificates.

After the Conference,

attendees may access the

online Evaluation and CPEU certificates

Please note the virtual platform powering NWRD (Accelevents) runs time-based analytics in the background and records attendee participation of each session (live and recorded). It is up to the attendee to log the appropriately earned CPEU certificates with the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR). In accordance with CDR's policies, NWRD will maintain the analytics for several years, in the event CDR requests audits of past attendees.

Evaluation Form & CPEU Certificates

          1 - CLICK on the NWRD seal below.

          2 - COMPLETE the Evaluation Form -- hit "submit" button.

          3 - DOWNLOAD or print your earned CPEU Certificates.

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